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Plan Your Finances

Estimate potential costs of running your business, build a budget, and plan your path to profitability.

Understand Your Customers

Get to know your future customers so you can tailor your business to meet demand and satisfaction.

Research Your Competitors

Find strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and develop effective strategies to stay competitive.

Establish Your Message

Brainstorm and create an official statement that describes your company’s vision, goals, and values.

Create Your Business Name

Brainstorm and choose an effective business name that creates a strong first impression and builds brand recognition.

Organize your Team

Add founders, partners, and/or team members who make up your company.

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Benefits of a
Business Plan

When you’re preparing to launch your business, a solid, well-constructed plan can help clear away the confusion, anxiety, and stress (or as much as possible, anyway). Here’s how:

Bring Strategies to Life

Organize your ideas in one place and bring your business to life.

Attract Investors

Put your business in a more reputable and professional light.

Align Your Team

Use your business plan to formalize your dream team.

Explore, Adapt, and Pivot

Adapt to unexpected roadblocks, or pivot to a new direction

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Your dream business deserves a great business plan. Use Blueprint to collect all of your notes, ideas, and goals together to construct a roadmap to success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a business plan and why do I need one?

Your business idea is brilliant—you just know it could become something big. But what are your next steps? How do you make sales projections? Should you worry about local competition? (Hint: yes) What are your company goals? What even is a mission statement?

A business plan helps answer all those questions and more in one, cohesive roadmap—making it an essential tool to all entrepreneurs. By mapping out everything from your financial projections, staff and employees to marketing strategies and mission statements, not only are you minimising potential hiccups but you’re also providing future investors a solid and reputable business to invest in.

What if I choose not to make a business plan?

At best, building a business without a plan is like baking a cake without a recipe. At worst, well, it could be like baking a thousand cakes with no recipe, the phone is ringing, there are people at the door, and you realise you have no oven. It’s hardly ideal. So invest the time, research, and care into your business with a well-crafted plan. The future you will thank you and your future competitors will envy you—which is even better.

Should I use a template for a business plan?

A business plan template is extremely useful and convenient, but a lot of templates are also constricting and stale—something your business shouldn’t be.

Blueprint’s template is built to guide entrepreneurs along each stage of the business plan with helpful tips and prompts to ensure a professional document that perfectly represents your business—plus, it’s completely free.

I’m a sole proprietor, do I still need a business plan?

Business structures of all kinds can benefit from having a well-constructed business plan. Sole proprietors especially can take advantage of using a business plan to model their future incorporation.

What is the best business plan template?

The best kind of business plan includes a vision statement, company goals, management team and stakeholders, marketing plans and strategies, financial projections, market analysis, ideal customer demographic, cash-flow and financial statements. All the components an entrepreneur needs to consider and manage when launching their business.

How do you write a business plan?

There are many solutions to writing a business plan. You could work with a business consultant to help with company objectives and goals as well as defining sales channels. Or hire a professional writer to ensure your business plan is well-structured and cohesively written.

Blueprint’s business plan template is categorized and organized to cover all essential areas of your business.  We’ll walk you through every step, from vision statements and business names, to financial overviews and sales channels.

What do I do with my business plan after I’ve created it?

The world, as they say, is your business oyster. Depending on your goals, you can take your new business plan and start with any of the following:

  1. Register or incorporate your business.

  2. Find Investors or apply for financial loans.

  3. Set up your sales channel: are you leasing a retail location, partnering with a local business? Or creating a shop website?

  4. Speak with a business consultant.

What Types of Business Plans does Blueprint Offer?

You can use Blueprint to create these popular business plan styles:

  • Traditional Business Plans

  • Professional Business Plans

  • Lean Business Plans

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