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Legal Documents

Founder Intellectual Property (IP) Assignment Agreement

A Founder IP Assignment Agreement is an agreement that transfers intellectual property rights from a founder of the company to the company itself. It also ensures that all future IP created by this founder is owned by the company.

When should I use it?

  • When you first incorporate your company, you should have all the founders sign the IP Assignment Agreement.

  • If your company is already established and the founders have never signed an IP assignment agreement, then have them do so immediately.

Why is it important?

  • It’s important to ensure any intellectual property created for the company is actually owned by the company, not by the founder that created it.

  • Investors may require that all the founders of a company have assigned the intellectual property to the company.


  • Start early: It’s common to have all founders assign their intellectual property immediately after incorporation.

  • Be Consistent: Ensure this agreement does not contradict anything in an existing agreement.

Legal Agreements for Growing Businesses

Legal agreements that are customized for your business. Includes e-Signatures and storage in your Ownr account.

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