3 Ways to Overcome Entrepreneurial Anxiety (From Endless To-Do Lists)

5 minute read

Even though 85 per cent of entrepreneurs say the benefits of entrepreneurship outweigh the pitfalls, 50 per cent also say they’ve felt depression, anxiety, and chronic stress from running their business.

Unfortunately, a lot of this anxiety comes from well-intended, but unhelpful elements of hustle culture––like achieving “inbox-zero” or always finishing your to-do list.

The simple reality is entrepreneurs will never not have things to do. That’s kind of the point, in a way. 

But this simple truth doesn’t need to derail your mental health or send you spiraling into anxiety, either. Here at Ownr, we see a lot of the entrepreneurs we work with struggle with this challenge, but it’s not insurmountable. Those who overcome their anxiety always follow the following three distinct steps.