How Toronto’s 19/99 Beauty Is Breaking Boundaries Around Aging for Women and Beyond

Published On: Mar 10, 2022 | Read time: 3 min | Updated On: Nov 24, 2022 | By |
Two women wearing red make stand with their faces close together

What is beauty? The answer to that question is what 19/99, a new Toronto-based brand hopes to change.

While barriers are continuing to break in the beauty industry, anti-aging remains a multi-billion dollar industry that particularly targets women and leaves many feeling shame or self-consciousness, and desperate to look for ‘youthful’ remedies.

But what if we begin to view aging as beautiful? 

That’s what Camille Katona and Stephanie Spence––two women who have spent years working in the industry––are tackling head-on with their new brand, 19/99 Beauty.  

“We didn’t understand why we were being marketed eye creams in our 20s, and noticed that age was the ultimate flaw that the beauty industry would continually push against,” Katona says. 

At the same time, Katona’s mother also expressed frustration with the idea of aging and “feeling irrelevant despite feeling as good as she did in her 30s.” 

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