Success Story: Judy Singer, Artist & Art Business Owner

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This week’s entrepreneur success story is on Judy, a professional artist that runs her own business at! This is her story:

Tell us about your art business and what you do as a professional artist 

As a professional artist, I have multiple roles including:

  • Exhibiting my art in galleries
  • Teaching as a freelance lecturer and as a private painting and drawing instructor
  • Leading many creativity workshops

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A closeup photo of paint brushes in an art studio

What made you decide to become an art entrepreneur?

In my last year of university, I literally had one of those “light bulb” moments when I knew that I wanted to be a professional artist. After being discovered by the late Jack Pollock, one of Toronto’s foremost gallery owners at the time, I had my first exhibit while still finishing my degree and it felt like it was “meant to be”.

Judy Singer, a creative entrepreneur, painting in her studio

What does a typical day look like as a professional artist?

Working in the studio on a new series of paintings involves many hours of looking at the paintings that I have produced over the previous weeks and months, thinking about them and ruminating about how I might want to proceed with different ideas that inspire me. On a day that I’m actually physically painting, I stretch a canvas, put on some classical music and just start to work. It’s very spontaneous and I never know what will come out on the canvas.