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5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Clients

It’s gift-giving season and the holidays can be just the occasion to help your business stand out from all of the other reindeer. While a bouquet of fresh fruit or a subtle logo-bearing ornament can’t hurt, why not up your gift game this year?

Here are 5 holiday gift ideas for clients that ought to keep your clients feeling merry and bright even after the snow melts:

1. Subscription Packages

Special delivery! Subscription boxes bring joy well after the holidays are over. Subscription businesses are hugely popular in Canada, these sweet services send monthly gifts and can come bearing everything from candy and craft beer to makeup and beauty boxes. They might also serve as a gentle, regular reminder for lucky recipients to give their favourite small business (yours) a call.

2. Plants and Greenery (That Lasts!)

While a holly jolly poinsettia in Conference Room C might be a nice touch in December, a low-maintenance, forgiving plant that can spruce up a space beyond the holidays may be what they’re really pining for this year.

Aside from improving air quality, a bit of indoor flora could produce happier, better workers: According to a study by the universities of Cardiff, Exeter, Queensland and Groningen, plants can boost employee productivity by 15% and workplace satisfaction by 40%. A little green can go a long way!

3. Handwritten Notes

A business client looking at a handwritten note given as a gift

For many business owners, gifting isn’t in the budget. Good news: handwritten notes can carry major impact without a major price tag. In an increasingly digital world, going old-school and handwriting a personalized message of thanks will definitely stand out. Additionally, you can show your commitment to the friendly, personalized customer service that sets you apart.

4. Coffee

It’s hard to go wrong with a good cup of Joe, especially in Canada. Canadians drink 152.1 litres of coffee per capita according to a 2016 Euromonitor study — the third highest amount of coffee in the world. Filling your clients’ cups with the best brew you can get your mitts on is sure to be a step up from the usual holiday swag.

5. The Gift of Giving

Making a donation in a client or supplier’s name can be a powerful way to show them you really, truly, care. A gift that gives can promote community wellness, encourage corporate giving, and send a positive message about your company values. Don’t know where to start? Pick up a charity gift card and put the giving power in their hands.

Not sure how it’ll go over? A survey conducted by Imagine Canada shows that for most Canadians, giving back is an important part of celebrating the season. In 2014, 62% of respondents planned to donate to charity during the holidays.

A thriving small business can be a celebration in and of itself. Show appreciation to the people who support your business with thoughtful holiday customer appreciation gifts they can enjoy through the holiday season and beyond!

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