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How to Choose the Perfect Home Office Desk

A comfortable space that allows you to focus and create your best work is essential for any entrepreneur. With more people than ever shifting to working from home this year, you may have found yourself shopping for a home office desk upgrade. If so, you’re not alone. No matter what budget or living space you’re working with, we’ll help you find the perfect desk to meet your needs, so you can focus on growing your business.

Why do I need a dedicated home office desk?

While you might be able to get away with doing your work at the kitchen table or even your coffee table, there are many benefits to having a separate home office area, especially if you are running a home business. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive, but a proper home office desk comes with several important improvements that can ultimately boost the success of your business. 

Improve productivity 

By creating a space that is just for your work, you will associate that place with focus and productivity. You may have heard that we shouldn’t eat or watch TV in bed because we prevent our brains from associating the bed with sleep, which ultimately makes it harder to fall asleep. The same idea applies to your workspace. If you use your kitchen table for preparing and eating meals, socializing with friends and family, and trying to work on your business, your brain won’t have any special cues that signal “it’s time to get to work.”

Even a small desk and office chair that you use only for home office purposes can have a beneficial psychological effect since when you sit down, you’ll find it much easier to get into a focused work state. This can help you manage your time and prevent burnout. It also means that when you get back to that kitchen table for dinner, you’re more likely to be able to leave your workday behind and focus on your loved ones or unwinding.

If you’re among the people who have recently fully or partially moved their business online in response to COVID-19, you’ve probably noticed how tough it can be to switch out of work mode and into your personal life. A home office can help you do just that.

Stay organized

In addition to the psychological benefits of having a home office, it also makes it much easier to stay organized. Many home office desks come with built in storage and features that make it easy to keep your work belongings tidy, easily accessible, and always in the same place. If you had to switch from going to an office or coworking space to working from home in recent months, you’ve probably discovered that it can be annoying to drag your computer, notebooks, and any other materials you regularly use from place to place around your home. With the right home office design, you can pick up right where you left off every time you get to work. 

Prevent injuries

Another great reason to invest in home office furniture is to prevent injuries, particularly in the neck, back, and shoulders. You might not feel them right away, but uncomfortable injuries can arise from regularly working on a table or surface that isn’t ergonomically designed. Home office desks and other pieces of dedicated home office furniture are designed to keep your elbows and feet resting in the correct position to prevent injury. 

Now that you have some great reasons why a home office desk is a worthwhile investment for any entrepreneur, you might be wondering how to go about setting up the perfect workspace. With the following tips, you can make sure your home office checks all the important boxes for comfort and functionality.

6 essential tips for creating a home office space 

While your home office should reflect your own needs, style, and preferences, there are a few essential things to keep in mind as you set up your home office. 

  1. Find plenty of light. If you can set your desk up by a window, the natural light and ability to give your eyes a rest by focusing outside in the distance will be a major perk. Otherwise, some bright lights at a comfortable colour temperature will do the trick.
  2. Use an ergonomic chair. Your home office desk and chair are the two most important pieces of furniture in your workspace. Your chair should be supportive, comfortable, and have an adjustable height.
  3. Choose a location with uninterrupted internet access. If there are corners of your home where the signal is weak, avoid setting up your home office there.
  4. Find the right computer height. This will depend on the type of computer you use, but if you work on a laptop you may find that buying a laptop stand makes for a much more comfortable workspace. For correct screen placement, your monitor should be an arm’s length away from you, and the top of the screen should be at eye level or up to 30 degrees below. Any more than this will put unnecessary strain on your neck and shoulders.
  5. Make room for storage. As an entrepreneur, you likely have some document storage needs and require access to a printer or other equipment. Try to create a home office design that has room for all of these things around your desk, so that it’s all easily accessible. Even if you opt for a small desk, you can use vertical space for storage with solutions like wall-mounted shelving.
  6. Consider your background. Nowadays, many entrepreneurs are finding themselves spending more time on Zoom calls than in face-to-face meetings. Consider what you want to have in the background of your home office. Of course, we may not always be able to have the perfect Zoom meeting environment, and you can always use a virtual background to do the trick. 

The perfect home office desk for every kind of space and budget

Whether you’re lucky enough to have a whole room for your home office, or you want to make the most of your small space, there’s a desk out there for you within your price range. 

Home office desks for large spaces

If you have a large home office area and need a desk that will fill out the space and give you plenty of surface to work on, try one of these. 

Moises gaming desk – $249.99 CAD

Large desks don’t have to break the bank. This contemporary option will look great in any space and has adjustable shelf heights shelf heights to customize the storage to your needs. With plenty of surface space, it’s a great choice for illustrators or other creatives who need a larger area to work on.

SWH home office large computer desk – $488.62 CAD

With a sturdy steel frame and a large work area, this desk is a great choice for a large home office. Grommets on either side of the desk make it easy to organize your cables and keep the desktop tidy.

Lamantia executive desk – $759.99 CAD

If you like a traditional look, this executive desk is the perfect place to get your work done. It includes five drawers, including two built-in filing cabinets, those who with analog document management needs will love this piece of home office furniture.

Home office desks for corners

Corner desks can help you get more out of your home office space. L-shaped desks, in particular, are a good choice if you ever work with multiple monitors. 

Enprise L-shape desk – $264.99 CAD

With over 450 five star reviews, this corner desk is functional, stylish, and looks far more expensive than it is. If you’re looking to elevate your workspace and love having a large surface to work on, this is a great choice.

Tangkula corner desk – $559.99 CAD

You don’t necessarily need a large area for a corner desk. This small desk makes the most of an unused corner in your home with a sturdy build, surprisingly large surface area, pull out keyboard tray and storage space.

Frome reversible L-shape desk – 629.99 CAD

If extra storage is high on your list of requirements, this option will provide you with plenty of space to organize your equipment, documents, and anything else you may need as an entrepreneur. 

Home office desks for small spaces

Small but mighty, these desks prove that space is not a limiting factor when it comes to your home office design. For some entrepreneurs, such as freelance writers, there’s no real need for a large workspace. A small, functional desk can do the trick.

Ikea Bjursta wall-mounted drop-leaf table – $59.99 CAD

Even the tiniest living space can be turned into a home office with this highly-rated drop-leaf option. Since you can easily fold it up when you’re not using it, it’s ideal for those with very limited space who need a modular option.

Campos glass desk with hutch – $212.99 CAD

With a footprint of only 17” by 31” and two built-in shelves as well as a cubby under the desk for extra storage, you can make the most of your small space. This clean, modern option will keep your home office looking uncluttered and fresh.

 Yohan desk with hutch – $389.99 CAD

This small desk feels like a complete home office solution. Even though it will only take up 19 ¾” by 29 ½“ of floor space, this desk will feel bigger thanks to the pull-out keyboard tray, dedicated printer shelf, and plenty of extra storage. The wheels make it easy to move around if needed.

Standing home office desks

Standing desks are great for your posture, and many people find they help improve concentration as well.

Mind reader 2-tier sit and stand computer desk – $169.99 CAD

Not only can you choose to sit or stand at this desk, but you can also wheel it to your desired location. This is a great choice small space option if you’re looking for a standing desk.

SHW electric height adjustable computer desk – $389.87 CAD

This highly-rated option comes with a digital display and memory preset options, so you can easily adjust it to your favourite heights.

We often spend lots of time researching big-ticket home items like beds and couches to make sure we’re buying the best option, but home office furniture gets less attention. However, as an entrepreneur, you probably spend many hours a day working on your business. Investing in the best home office desk for your living situation and budget is a great way to make work more pleasant, comfortable, and productive. Ultimately, a great home office is an investment in your business.

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