Ownr Success Story: Road Astronaut

Jul 26, 2019
4 minute read
Black and white image of Art Green, founder of Road Astronaut, on his motorcycle.

Mid way or at the end of my day, I like to get on my motorcycle and ride. It clears my head and also gives me the opportunity to connect with others, getting me out of my entrepreneur bubble.

Ownr: What are your long term goals with Road Astronaut?

Art: My long term goals for Road Astronaut are to grow the business into a money making media and design company that allows me to travel and explore the planet while creating beautiful and useful content.

Ownr: A business lesson that keeps you inspired and motivated? What can you say to entrepreneurs looking to start their business journey?

Art: I’ve broken this down into five points:

  1. For any artist or designer starting their own business, read “The Ware of Art” by Steven Pressfield.

  2. Find a mentor.

  3. Create a group of friends and peers that you trust and bounce ideas and work off of them for honest opinions.

  4. Be ready and willing to evolve and pivot. As professional poker players say, “Don’t get married to your hand”.

  5. Learn as much about marketing as you can.

Learn more about Road Astronaut
Website: http://www.roadastronaut.com
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Just like his name, Art Green’s life spells art too. He’s a painter, photographer, sculptor, filmmaker, motion graphics artist and also an avid motorcyclist. He brought his two loves together to create Road Astronaut, an art and design shop built around a desire to explore the world on his motorcycle and feed that inspiration into his commercial work. In this interview, Art opens up about the ‘entrepreneur’s bubble’ and shares his top five tips for artists and designers entering business.

Ownr: What is Road Astronaut?

Art: Road Astronaut is a Media and Design Company. At the heart of the business is a love for exploring on a motorcycle and that feeling one gets from seeing the world from a different perspective. The title of my business plan is Explore – Create – Connect.

Ownr: Give us an insight into your background in art and your other interests. What drove you to set up Road Astronaut?

Art: I’m a graduate of The University of Guelph’s Fine Art Program. While there I studied drawing, printmaking and sculpture under the tutelage of prominent Canadian artists like Tony Sherman, Suzy Lake and Gene Chu.

Image photographed by Art Green.

At that time I was also writing, recording and touring with a punk/pop band. After 15 years and the ups and downs of recording contracts, I left the band to pursue a new career in Vancouver.

In Vancouver I was fortunate enough to land a bucket list job as a Travel Photographer, spending three years traveling around the world shooting hotels and destinations.

Once that job made its final landing, I began a career that every Canadian kid dreams of: a job in the NHL. I’ve been working as the Senior Producer of Games and Events for the Vancouver Canucks for the past 12 years.

Canvas by Art Green.

Road Astronaut is a result of all of those experiences. It gives me the freedom to utilize all of the skills I’ve amassed; photography, fine art, music, design, video and motion graphics.

Ownr: What do you love about being an entrepreneur? And what are your biggest challenges as a business owner?

Art: As an entrepreneur, I love being able to step out of the bounds that working for another brand creates. Now I define the brand. The biggest challenge of entrepreneurship is not allowing yourself to grow the business in a bubble. The need for mentors and peers to bounce ideas off of is bigger than ever.