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Side Hustlers! Here’s How to Win $500

Being an entrepreneur looks different for everyone. For some, it is a full-time aspiration and primary source of income. For others however, it is a passion that they’ve been able to pursue to bring in additional income alongside a 9-5 job, in the form of a side hustle.

From donut shops to photography and everything in between, side hustles are a great way to make some extra cash while giving yourself the freedom that comes with embracing your entrepreneurial grit.

We want you to show us how you hustle!

#OwnrsWhoHustle is competition sponsored by RBC Ventures that gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase their side hustle and how they are impacting the community for the chance to win:

  • $500 CAD
  • Spotlight Feature on Ownr Blog
  • Guest spot on Ownr’s upcoming #OwnrsWhoHustle Webinar Panel

How to Enter:

  1. Follow Ownr on Instagram at
  2. Review the full Competition rules.
  3. Post a picture on your Instagram account showcasing your side hustle and tag In the caption, share the story behind your side hustle and why you want to win, and tag #OwnrsWhoHustle and #CompetitionEntry.

The entry must be posted with all other requirements by July 31, 2020 at 11:59pm ET. Multiple applications are permitted but must have a separate and unique post per entry.

Winner will be contacted via Instagram direct message and announced through a post on Ownr’s Instagram channel.

We can’t wait to see all of the #ownrswhohustle. Enter today!


What is Ownr?

Ownr is the simplest, most convenient way to register or incorporate your business and build your brand in Canada. We’ve helped over 18,000 business owners get started.

What is #OwnrsWhoHustle?

#OwnrsWhoHustle is a competition sponsored by RBC Ventures to allow entrepreneurs to showcase their side hustle for a chance to win $500 CAD, be featured on Ownr’s Blog and speak at Ownr’s upcoming #OwnrsWhoHustle Webinar Panel.

How do I enter the competition?

See “How to Enter” steps above to submit your entry by July 31, 2020, at 11:59pm ET.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible to enter and win, applicants must satisfy the following criteria at the time of entry and comply with all other Competition terms:

  • Age of majority resident of Ontario, Alberta, or British Columbia; and,
  • Currently running a side business or ‘side hustle’ (i.e. you must be the creator and owner of a business that is outside of your ‘day job’).

How will the winner be identified?

Evaluation criteria include:

  • The quality of application responses; specifically, the concept behind the side hustle and the relative impact it will have on the community in Canada.
  • External criteria available relating specifically to the side hustle, including business website, social media channels, customer testimonials, and more.

Winner will be contacted via Instagram direct message no later than July 22, 2020.

To view the full competition terms and conditions, click here.