Small Business Grants in Ontario

Nov 27, 2019
5 minute read

Whether you’re planning to grow your business, hire or train new employees, or even conduct essential research, Ontario has grants to accommodate your goals. And regardless of what stage your business is in, if you’re able to secure funding through a grant, which is usually funds that don’t need to be paid back, you must invest some time in exploring those options.

Small business grants and financing options in Ontario 

While there are several business grants available, there tend to be very specific rules around which businesses can access these grants. It’s important to take the time to read through the eligibility criteria for each one. It’s not uncommon to spend hours and even days putting together a proposal only to find out that your business was never eligible to begin with.  

Grants are categorized into several sections. We’ll list and each of these categories along with the specific opportunities below. 

Research and development — Small business funding in Ontario 

New business owners are often surprised just how much research goes into running a business. Particularly if you’re building new technologies, research and development play a major role in how effective your product will be to consumers. Here is a list of Ontario funding opportunities specified for research and development: