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How Smarter Loans Helps Entrepreneurs Make Financial Decisions

Having access to additional capital is crucial for business growth and often can be a major factor in determining how fast you can scale. You might need to get extra inventory for a busy season or to upgrade equipment in your operation. It’s a nice feeling knowing that if you wanted to, you can access more funds.

Not all businesses are equal, however, and the financial situations of each will vary from industry to industry and business to business. Those businesses that have a great business credit history and high sales volume are able to get cheaper capital because they are less risky and are seen as ‘healthy businesses”.  A business with lower monthly sales and perhaps a history of missing payments to their suppliers will typically get access to more expensive capital because they are considered to be riskier for lenders to lend money to. So how do you make sense of it all? In this article, we will highlight some of the ways Smarter Loans makes it simple for business owners to make their decisions.

What is Smarter Loans?

Smarter Loans is Canada’s largest loan and financial directory. The company launched in 2016 with a mission to help Canadians make smarter financial decisions. Over the last five years, they have profiled over 100 leading financial brands that offer personal and commercial services to Canadians. The website makes it easy to compare products, fees, terms, and other key information needed when deciding about a financial company you want to work with. They work with 50+ loan providers and many more financial brands that offer banking, insurance, accounting, and ecommerce products online.

What can you find on Smarter Loans?

1. Loans & Financing

Find any kind of loan or financing for both personal and commercial use. This includes things like personal and installment loans, all types of business financing, truck and equipment loans, boat and auto financing, mortgages, home equity loans and more. They’ve helped thousands of Canadian business owners connect with leading financial companies that offer business financing in Canada. Business owners are able to find financing entirely online (from application to funding) through the Smarter Loans platform.

2. Financial Services

In early 2020, Smarter Loans expanded into new financial categories including Everyday Banking, Insurance, Investing, Money Transfers, and Debt Relief. The expansion was launched because of a big shift towards the adoption of a digital experience by both Canadian consumers and service providers.  Smarter Loans visitors are able to discover and compare a wide range of financial products that are offered online.

3. Business Services

With the shift towards everything becoming more digital nowadays, business services are leading the charge. Business owners have a ton of great solutions available online and are able to do everything from registering their business with a platform like Ownr, to building an online store, managing invoices and getting paid quickly using software. Smarter Loans has lots of useful information about some of the top POS, ecommerce, accounting, CRM, and marketing solutions available to business owners in Canada.  

4. Information on Financial Literacy

Smarter Loans is also a go-to source of educational information aimed at helping improve financial literacy in Canada. They have an active video channel where they share entrepreneur stories, cover industry events, highlight innovative financial brands, and share expert advice on financial matters. They have a popular YouTube and TikTok presence and a blog that contains hundreds of articles on financial literacy topics.

Smarter Loans is completely free to use and is a great place to do research about leading financial brands in Canada.

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