Ownr Success Story: Space Queen Studio, Houseware Business

4 minute read

“Space Queen Studio is cute ‘n kitschy meets pop culture with a succulent green twist. Handmade concrete housewares that are hand sculpted, poured, painted, and sealed in house.”

Check out our interview with Mare Garcia, Founder & Creative Director of Space Queen Studio, and learn more about her side hustle, as winner of the #OwnrsWhoHustle Competition.

Who are you and what is Space Queen Studio?

Hello! My name is Mare, I am a Canadian Filipinx designer and the creative director behind Space Queen Studio – a home goods studio specializing in handmade concrete planters that are hand sculpted, poured, and painted in house. I am a recent graduate of OCAD University where I studied Environmental Design – it was at OCAD where I found a passion for building and material exploration. Outside of Space Queen Studio I like to build furniture and grow houseplants. My creative practice is heavily influenced by the things I love and I hope to keep making work that is reflective of that.

How did you get started with a planters and flower pots business?

Space Queen Studio began as a way to mix together my fascination with cute and kawaii culture and my affinity for making. It was a creative outlet while I bounced between part-time/full-time roles in Arts programming and education. While it started as a way to document my illustrations, it quickly morphed into an exploration into concrete housewares to satisfy my appetite for building.

What first inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

I’m an avid Anime and Comic Book convention goer and my favourite part of the events were always the Artist Alleys. I’ve always loved seeing the hustle – indie Canadian artists and designers running their own