Someone Stole Your Business Idea? Here’s How to Succeed Anyway

5 minute read
An illustration featuring a man stealing a small screen

From selling fake designer bags to using nearly identical website colour schemes and company names, people stealing other people’s business ideas is nothing new. That’s not a comforting thing for business owners to read, but it’s reality. 

However, someone stealing your idea does not mean you’re down and out. In fact, it could end up being the best thing to ever happen to your business (bear with me, here!). 

If you’re working away on your business –– either as just an idea or with real customers ––and someone steals your idea, here’s what you can do to come out on top.

Assess exactly what’s happening

If you uncover what you believe to be someone stealing your business idea, you need to clarify two things before moving forward. 

  1. Identify what exactly was stolen

Businesses are usually comprised of: 

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