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Ownr Success Story: Never Afraid, Starting a Streetwear Business

Meet Dami Mosaku-Johnson, a Front End Developer by profession and a business owner by passion. Dami’s love for sneakers and the culture of streetwear drove him to open Never Afraid, his online clothing store for specially curated streetwear, lifestyle accessories, and sneakers. Here we talk to Dami about the business of fashion, the streetwear movement, and his message for budding entrepreneurs.

What drove you to open your own streetwear clothing business?

All through school, I bought and sold anything I could get my hands on to make money. I realized reselling sneakers and clothing was more profitable than anything else I was doing. So opening my own clothing store felt organic. I enjoy the creative control of being a business owner.

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Who is the Never Afraid customer? And what is the intention behind the #NoFear message of your brand?

I’m very proud of the fact that our clothing is made in Canada, from concept to completion. We are one of the few homegrown streetwear brands, and Never Afraid is for everyone. Our customers feel the impact of our #NoFear message, which is why we attract a diverse clientele.

Our mission is to change how people view the uncertainties of life. We want them to look at challenges with a #NoFear attitude. As we’ve grown, we see our brand name, and the message in our designs resonating with the personal experiences of our customers.

What do you remember about your experience of setting up your business?

I founded Never Afraid in 2018. At first, I wasn’t sure where to start from, but knew a couple of things were obvious. I had to figure out how to create the products, build the website as that would be the primary sales channel, and register the business name. I had a clear vision of what I wanted the brand to grow into. I translated that into a written concept to guide my business decisions.

I remember, when I finished building the website, I went to the bank to open a business account. I was told I needed to register my business first. With a quick online search, I discovered Ownr and signed up immediately. Within two hours of leaving the bank, my business name was registered. It was simpler than I thought it would be. Ownr definitely streamlined the process.

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What have you learned since starting a streetwear brand?

Don’t be afraid. You’re always warned about the potential problems of running a business, and rightfully so, they do occur. But entrepreneurs don’t get into business to avoid problems, they do so to solve them. Each day in business will be different.

What’s your vision for Never Afraid?

Currently, we sell online. Our goal is to build our very own brick and mortar location. I want the store to serve as a hub for like-minded people, and through Never Afraid I want to introduce other talented artists. We are developing design-collaborations with other brands, causes, and community partners with similar beliefs.

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Facebook: @neverafd

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