Success Story: Smoothie Sidekick

Jun 24, 2020
2 minute read

Smoothie Sidekick is a single serving nutritional boost for homemade smoothies. Each packet has ingredients that target a specific health goal and makes adding more nutrients to your diet simple and convenient. In this interview with Ownr, Claudia Bialek, Founder of Smoothie Sidekick shares her story, and how her business is making the world a healthier place, one sidekick at a time.

Introduce us to Smoothie Sidekick.

Claudia: Smoothie Sidekick is a single serving nutritional boost for your homemade smoothies. Each packet has specific ingredients that target a particular goal; whether that is increasing your protein intake, fibre or energy. It is a convenient and easy way for individuals to add more nutritional foods into their diets.

Tell us about how you decided to start your business.

Claudia: It wasn’t so much a decision to become a business owner, as it was a solution to a problem I was having. I am one of those people that skip breakfast because I never wake up early enough to make time for it.  However, if I did have time for anything, it was a smoothie that I would make to drink on my way to work. I’ve always added a lot of ingredients into my smoothies to boost the nutrition and it was a tedious process. So initially, I was making my own makeshift Smoothie Sidekicks in Ziploc bags.

When you were in the early stages of making your business official, what did you tackle first?

Claudia: Being in the food industry, I did A LOT of research to figure out exactly what all the rules and regulations were. I’m still in the beginning stages of the business so I would say I’m still in the process of making it official, however, registering the business with Ownr was one of the first documented steps I took. I was lucky enough to have an old friend reach out to me to let me know about Ownr and offer to help.

What has been your biggest success in running Smoothie Sidekick thus far?

Claudia: As I mentioned, I’m still in the beginning stages (I launched in March). But I would say so far my biggest success is having people like and buy the product. As a business owner, you always have that small concern that no one will like your product, so positive feedback has gone a long way, and receiving those orders motivates me to keep going.

Do you have any advice or tips you’d like to share with aspiring entrepreneurs?

Claudia: Always share your ideas with those around you – even when they’re not 100% thought out. People can help guide you in the right direction.

Where can people learn more about Smoothie Sidekick?


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