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Success Story: Trooper Moves the Moving Service

Meet Imad Ansari, Founder of Trooper Moves – the online booking platform that makes your moving process simple and seamless. Check out this interview to learn more about Imad’s journey as an entrepreneur, and how Trooper Moves is revolutionizing the moving experience to bring peace of mind and confidence to both clients and movers.

What is Trooper Moves?

Trooper Moves is an online booking platform that streamlines the logistics of moves and deliveries. Moving can be complex but with our simplified and easy-to-use online booking service on our website, we get rid of the logistical nightmare for both clients and movers alike. Giving
both the clients and the movers a peace of mind and the confidence to face the logistical challenge.

Our platform is made up of a network of strong independent movers, always ready to tackle the tough jobs so you don’t have to. Need to move a couch to your new address? Now you can do it with just a few taps, right from your phone. On just enter your pickup and drop off locations, and add all of your items to your moving list. You will then receive a custom quote based on your details. After booking your move, you will get connected directly to a logistics expert instantly – never left alone in the dark. On moving day stay connected with our movers right from your booking page. Get real-time mover’s location or simply chat with our movers with our integrated messaging platform. Once we are done with your move, payments are handled automatically and electronically through trusted industry standard payment processors, Stripe – where your sensitive information is always secured!

With Trooper Moves there is no more dealing with shady email transfer or haggling for prices. Our rates are transparent. You will get a detailed breakdown of costs and only pay for exactly what you moved. Say goodbye to the days of browsing through classifieds to find movers or being on the phone for hours to get pricey estimates from the big moving companies. Take the simpler way to get your moves done. Furniture pickup, changing dorms, or just a small drop off, no matter the size of your move, get it done

What led you to become an entrepreneur and start a moving service?

After being exposed to the moving industry on a part-time work basis, we learned that there are two common problems in the moving industry:

  • Clients either have their belongings damaged or stolen
  • Movers are being under-compensated for their labour and time

After recognizing the root of the problem, we built our business around the mission of providing a seamless moving experience for both clients and movers alike.

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When you were making your business official, where did you start?

Learning about the logistics of the moving industry:

  • Obtaining valuable moving details to improve the moving process by asking the right questions to the clients and movers.
  • What are the current existing technologies in the moving industry that are being used and how are these existing technologies solving the problems for both clients and movers

What has been your biggest success with Trooper Moves thus far?

Our biggest success has been the ability to forge valuable relationships with members of the community, including realtors, during the moving process. This has given us the means of developing a promising list of clients for our business to start with.

What is one challenge or learning you’ve taken from starting your own moving business?

The biggest challenge we have faced in running our business is bringing back the confidence of our clients. We understand our clients in the past have dealt with many bad experiences of inexperience movers, stolen or damaged items, or simply movers who are not able to deliver to their client’s needs. However, at Trooper Moves we counter this problem by being with our clients at every step of the way from start to finish.

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Any advice or tips you’d share with aspiring entrepreneurs?

When starting out your business, start out small and develop the criteria and means to build your business up to your ultimate goal. Another thing to keep in mind is that one should continuously build their support and professional networks, respectively. This means keeping up-to-date on LinkedIn, attend relevant conferences, and keep in contact with any potential influencers for your brand.

Where can people learn more about Trooper Moves?


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