Success Story: Venatos, Gaming Accessory Business

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At Venatos, we are working towards creating a new and exciting Canadian premium gaming peripheral brand which will provide gaming enthusiasts with exciting and unique tech gear.

Check out this interview we did with Hasan Cheaib, Founder of Venatos, and learn more about this up-and-coming gaming accessory brand.

Hasan, tell us about yourself.

I am a software developer with a passion for business. I have been interested in gaming since I was a kid playing Mario on the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) with my dad. I grew up in Hamilton, Ontario working at my parents’ convenience store so I know how difficult it can be to operate your own business.

I also dabbled in online trading through Kijiji during my studies at Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU) to make a few bucks on the side, and because I had a passion for meeting new people and building a customer base. I always had a dream of starting my own company and I almost got into real estate but my heart (and my loving wife) helped guide me to doing business in the thing I love most, gaming.

How did you start your own gaming accessory business?

I admire quality in a product. I always tend to watch videos on the latest and greatest on the technical aspects of technology to see what the features meant and whether it made sense to invest in that product for myself. It is difficult to always find what you are looking for so I figured if no one is willing to make this, then why not see if I can do it myself? This helped me push my ideas to tangible products that I know my customers would want because like me, they are gamers.

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Venatos was developed with the mission to create gaming gear that is unique, durable, and is based on gamer feedback. After finding a lack of creativity in the market and brands ignoring consumer demand for the specs needed to improve their gaming experience, we decided to launch our brand in May 2020.

Currently, Venatos retails an RGB mouse pad with built in wireless charging and a gaming mouse with swappable covers, both of which have specs which are unlike anything currently in the market.

What first inspired you to start a gaming equipment business?

My family and my wife have been a great support system for me when it comes to my business side. They always have new ideas that help guide me to where I want to go. My wife also has a business degree which allowed me to leverage her knowledge when starting the business.

What is one key lesson that starting a business has taught you?

The most important things to consider when starting a business are to have a plan and to time thi