Top 5 Project Management Subscription Software Options

Aug 26, 2021 | Read time: 4 min |

Project management software has transformed from being relegated to big business to now being catered to freelancers and other entrepreneurs who run much smaller teams. Anyone who handles multiple projects or single projects with multiple parts would benefit from using some type of project management software. 

What exactly do project management tools do? 

It doesn’t matter how good your memory is or how organized you think you are in your own mind. The fact is that it’s difficult to keep up with projects that involve several moving parts without some tools to facilitate that project. Effective project management software allows you to communicate with your team, share work with clients, set and clear deadlines, plus manage the time of everyone working on the project. There’s usually a single dedicated team member who is responsible for managing these projects. 

Some project management tools are more detailed than others. There are those that allow you to give a summary of the work expected with deadlines and progress reports. Others give insight and access into each step being taken with intimate details on the process. What often dictates these differences is the makeup of your team. A team of developers may need to track their progress differently than a marketing team. That’s part of the beauty of project management: determining which software works best for your needs. 

Popular project management tools in the market 

1. is being praised for being a dynamic project management tool that’s flexible enough to be used for nearly any industry. It’s best for larger teams working on multiple projects in a deadline-driven environment. It’s possible to add an unlimited number of users who are able to work off of an unlimited number of boards. 

Subscription plans: 

Ownr's Start Making a small business a big deal

Basic — $34/month (billed annually) 

Standard — $52/month (billed annually) 

Pro — $79/month also has an enterprise level plan but you’ll need to contact them for the cost.  

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2. Jira

Jira is geared towards managing development teams. It’s agile software that’s able to organize sprints, create stories, and identify and prioritize issues that need to be addressed. It’s also possible to ship completed software updates and customize workflows, which is an important asset for developers. Some developers may not love the configuration of Jira, but it’s hard to argue with how powerful a tool it really is. 

Subscription plans: 

Free for up to 10 users

Standard — $7/user/month 

Premium — $14/user/month 

Jira gives the option of trying each of their plans for free. The major difference in the plans are the storage and the levels of customer support. 

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3. Trello 

If there were an award for simplicity, Trello would likely be the winner. Trello’s UI makes it possible to see who’s working on what, how far they are in that process, and when that part of the project is due. The boards are dynamic and tiles can be moved seamlessly from board to board. Trello’s simplicity doesn’t forego detail. Users can create briefs that are accessible by clicking into a tile which will describe, in full, the scope of the project. Trello is also more of a collaboration tool meant for smaller teams. Think marketing teams working with freelancers to execute on a content strategy. 

Subscription plans:

Business — $9.99/user/month 

Enterprise — $20.83/user/month 

You won’t get the same power of adding unlimited users with Trello, but it’s a creative team’s dream. 

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4. Workzone 

Workzone was built with marketers in mind. Marketers typically have several projects on the go with different clients and the need to communicate with a diverse team. These are all features that Workszone has optimized in its 20+ years of project management. Big brands like Verizon depend on Workzone to keep their teams together and their projects flowing. Creating to-do lists, measuring results and sending requests are all possible with Workzone, which is what makes it one of the most powerful and trusted project management tools available. 

Subscription plans:

You have to fill out some information before you receive any pricing quotes, but its been reported that Workzone starts at $200/month

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5. Productive 

Productive is more than a project management tool. It was designed for agencies to assist with resource planning, budgeting, sales, and time tracking. The selling point is that Productive helps you run a profitable agency through its features, which also includes a “visual overview of your sales pipeline.” Productive helps asses each team member’s workload and allows users to send files and communicate with clients. 

Subscription plans:


The low price point is another attractive feature for Productive. For agencies who are looking to grow and manage all parts of their business, Productive is a strong choice. 

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