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Top Slack Communities for Small Businesses in Canada


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Slack has been called many things: A project management tool, a messaging app or a space to network. All of which can be true. Most of all, if you’re running a business, Slack can be beneficial for you.

What is Slack?

At its core, Slack is a digital collaboration tool. It allows multiple people to work on joint projects remotely, sharing files and sending direct messages. Some companies use Slack primarily as a communication resource, where small teams within a large organization can communicate directly, instead of using email.

How does Slack work?

Regardless of how companies use Slack, it’s a platform to connect and collaborate. It’s integration with other apps like Google Drive and GitHub makes it easy to track progress. Perhaps the most underrated feature on Slack is its community groups (Slack calls them “channels”). If you’re a small business owner looking to expand your network and educate yourself on your industry, these groups present a great opportunity.

Why join a Slack channel

While you could learn plenty from joining a Slack channel, there are also tactical reasons to sign up:

  • Networking — It takes more than just signing up to benefit from networking. You’ll need to be active in engaging in conversations and sharing your opinion. The wealth of resources available within each group is worth this extra effort. 
  • Quality Content — This is the true gift of joining a Slack channel. You can expect to learn an abundance of useful information that can be applied to your business. The people who start these channels tend to be leaders in their fields. That means they encourage conversation and sharing information that relates to your business goals.
  • Build Your Brand — When you do become active in these channels, people notice. Joining a Slack channel is another avenue to building your personal/business brand. It’s a way for you to build trust with the people in your industry. And as an entrepreneur getting your business off the ground, trust will be one of the main ingredients to your success.

Slack channels you should know about 

Slack channels are constructed for specific industries. Aim to join Slack channels that relate to your industry or help improve the way you run your business. 

There are hundreds of channels for each aspect of a business — marketing, developers, tech — so here’s a break down some of the more popular ones.

Top Slack Channels for Developers

Top Slack Channels for Marketers

Top Slack Channels for Designers 

Top Slack Channels for Entrepreneurs

Top Slack Channels for Writers and Bloggers

Slack is just one tool that can help your small business grow. Read more about starting and growing your business.

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