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Why use Ownr to start your business?

Thousands of entrepreneurs have started their businesses with Ownr, and this community continues to grow because of how simple and quick the process truly is.

Ownr equips existing business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs with everything they need to start and run their businesses. From registering a sole proprietorship, finding the right name, creating a custom brand to incorporating a business, our online platform ties in all the tasks required to formalize business ownership into one seamless digital experience.

Here we look at five reasons why Ownr is the easiest way to start your business.

Simple and convenient

Register your sole proprietorship in a few clicks

  • Ownr has simplified sole proprietorship registration into a basic Q&A-based online form.
  • We ask you questions like you’re talking to a human, and use plain language to explain your legal rights and obligations.
  • Fill in your contact details and business information, pay online, and within minutes your application is submitted to the government.

Incorporation without the legal jargon

  • Ownr is designed to meet the needs of majority of new businesses in Canada. We’ve created standard language for articles of incorporation, which you’d be comfortable understanding without needing a lawyer.
  • We’ve condensed the many requisites of incorporation into a single dashboard where you’re only six steps away from being incorporated. Every step explains what’s required as simply and clearly as possible. As you fill in your details, you seamlessly proceed to the next phase of incorporation. At any time, you can pause and come back to pick up where you left off.
  • Ownr’s dashboard is a huge improvement on the experience that other online incorporation services provide. Users on other platforms bounce page to page and form to form, drowning under a pile of information, but making no real progress. Ownr on the other hand has put in the work, so you don’t have to spend hours deciphering where to start.

Value for Money

Ownr costs less than hiring a lawyer

Apart from being simple and convenient, Ownr is affordable. Ownr can help you incorporate your business for a fraction of the cost of hiring a lawyer or an accountant.* Based on average 2018 market value in Canada, the cost of incorporating your business with a lawyer is $1500. The cost with Ownr is approximately $600-$700, and roughly half of which is the Provincial Government fee). Businesses can also look forward to seasonal discounts that bring down the price further. That’s more money to save and invest back into your business.

*Consider contacting a lawyer, accountant, or other relevant professional for advice about how to structure your business.

Free business name search

With Ownr you can conduct a pre-search of the NUANS database, which is a Canada-wide corporate, business name and trademark registry. Thirty unique name searches of this database are built into Ownr’s incorporation fee, while other vendors charge around $5 plus tax for a single search. Also bundled in Ownr’s discounted fee is the detailed NUANS® report, which Ownr will deliver to you. Our terms and conditions explain more.

Get money-back when you open an RBC business bank account

If you open an RBC business bank account within 60 days of registering or incorporating your business with Ownr, you can get money back. Sole proprietors get a full refund, while corporations get up to $300* back along with applicable tax.

Access to exclusive Ownr Perks

When you register or incorporate your business with Ownr, you unlock Ownr Perks, which are exclusive offers from our partners like Wave, Telus, Staples, and Google Ads to help you run your business and save you money. Ownr businesses can redeem offers like:

  • Free invoicing and accounting software and access to professional services with Wave.
  • Get $100 in ad credits when you spend $25 on Google Ads.
  • Get 10% off select two-year plans with Telus, and up to $600 off the latest smartphones on specific Telus plans.
  • A free one-year membership of Staples Business Advantage Plus program.

Help along the way

We know that starting a business isn’t easy, that’s why our team at Ownr is eager to help you cross every milestone as you launch your own venture and build your brand. Ownr can support you via our online help centre (filled with the most common FAQs), online chat, email, and phone.

Tips and how-to guides to grow your business

We want you to feel confident as a business, and on you can immerse yourself in our content that covers questions that you have about setting up a company. From business plans to taxes, email marketing to accounting, Ownr is rooting for your long-term success by educating you about the essentials of running a business.

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