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Finding the Perfect Domain Name for Your Incorporated Company

You’ve done it! You’ve gone through the onerous process (thankfully, made easy by Ownr) of incorporating your brand new company. There is a lot to consider when incorporating and often, entrepreneurs have many questions about how to incorporate. Once you’ve filed for your name, divvied up your shares, and signed all the formation documents, it’s time to get your company up and running online. This can seem like a daunting venture, but luckily, there are many resources online to help you succeed. The first step is to create an online presence and share information about your company with a website—and for an awesome website, you need a domain name.

Let’s get your perfect domain name

You’ve come up with the perfect company name, made sure it was available, and secured it for incorporation. Now, let’s find your company name as a domain name so you can get your online brand launched. Sometimes, your first choice for a domain name is taken, but there’s no reason to panic. Plenty of new and exciting domain name extensions (referred to as Top-Level Domains for those in-the-know!) are continually released.

When choosing your domain name, there are a few steps to consider in the naming process. Your company name should be a no-brainer selection, as this will be the most intuitive option for your audience. Short, pronounceable, and intuitive matter most and are important to keep in mind when naming your company in general. If people are consistently misspelling your company name or mispronouncing it, you could run into issues in online search. Test a few names with friends and family and ask them to either say it out loud or ask them how they’d spell the word you say out loud. If it’s a jumble of mismatched feedback, scrap the name. Difficult names are not memorable.

One of the latest domain name launches, live on May 7th 2019, is the .INC domain name. This Top-Level Domain is perfect for an incorporated company looking for a short and memorable extension that represents the business properly. There are over $2,500 in benefits for those who own a .INC domain name. Some of the benefits are from companies such as Square, Ting, Vistaprint, Quickbooks, WeWork, and more. You can find benefits such as free press releases, Google Ad credit, subscriptions, and discounts. As a new company starting out, it’s great to have a roster of companies that provide assistance in this process.

Finding the domain name that best represents your company and accomplishes your online marketing strategy can seem like a challenge. There are a lot of options to consider, which can sometimes feel overwhelming. Remember, your company name or your product offerings will likely be the first thing someone queries on search engines when they are looking for you. Protect your brand and own the domain name that your audience expects to land on.

Starting a company is no easy feat, but it’s a great feeling. No matter the size of your venture, the scope of your goals, or the purpose of your launch, you’ve started something that will have a huge impact on you. Whether you’re celebrating Small Business Week or closing your Series D on a $100,000,000 valuation, we know you’re going to do something exciting. Congratulations on incorporating your company!

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Samantha Lloyd

Samantha is a digital marketing expert, entrepreneur, and (soon-to-be!) podcaster. She works for Tucows, taking on content and organic digital marketing for their subsidiary, Hover. She loves filling you in on the booming tech industry of Toronto, and beyond. When she’s not working, she lives for travel and the ocean and is always looking for a chance to dive, snorkel, and paddleboard.

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