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33 Hobbies That Make Money

If you’ve been thinking about starting a new creative hobby or turning your favourite hobby into some extra spending money, you’ve come to the right place. There are so many lucrative hobbies that can be a source of passive income or even become a full-fledged business.

Keep in mind that some hobbies may have a higher money making potential than others. Start by identifying a hobby that interests you, then take a look at hobby statistics to learn about important information like the number of people who share this hobby and how much money they spend on it.

Whether you already have an idea of the hobby you’d like to monetize, or you’re still looking for inspiration for a new hobby, this list of hobbies is a great starting point.

1. Blogging

When it comes to finding a profitable hobby, writing your own blog is a popular choice. The great thing about starting a blog is that you can write about anything. Blogging itself can be your hobby, or you can use blogging as a tool to turn a separate hobby into a profitable business.

There are a number of different ways you can make money as a blogger. You could run paid ads on your blog, recommend affiliate products, write sponsored posts for other businesses, or use your blog to advertise and sell your own products or services. If your blog becomes really successful, you could even end up selling it for a profit.

Another benefit to blogging is that it doesn’t cost much to get started. You can find a free blogging platform to share your posts, or you could set up your own blog website using a website builder.

2. Photography

If you love taking pictures, why not start your own photography business? Not only is photography a great creative outlet, it’s also an effective way to bring in extra income. 

Before you get started, consider what type of business you want to run and how much time and effort you’re willing to put in. For example, if you work as a freelance photographer taking photos for clients, you will need to devote a significant amount of time to each project you take on. On the other hand, you could sell stock photos online, which takes less work and can bring in passive income.

Another option is to create a photography blog, write and sell an ebook or educational guides, or even sell digital presets that people can use to edit their photos.

3. Web design and coding

So many individuals and businesses need web design and coding services. You can provide your services as a web designer to create websites from scratch, redesign existing websites, or provide ongoing site maintenance.

In fact, you don’t even necessarily need to know how to code in order to create websites for clients. Many website builders use simple drag-and-drop technology so that anyone can create a professional website in a matter of minutes. While it may seem easy enough, lots of business owners don’t have the time or desire to build their own website, which is where you come in! 

4. Graphic design

Much like web design, graphic design services are highly in demand, making it a good choice for an online business. Graphic design is used in a wide variety of industries, and there’s a huge range of design services in terms of job size and price point. For example, you could offer entire branding packages for businesses, bringing in hundreds or thousands of dollars. Alternatively, you could start out offering lower-cost services like a simple logo for a small business that’s just getting started.

Other graphic design products include brochures, product labels, packaging, business cards, and any type of web or print design. If you’re not interested in working directly with clients, you could create stock graphics to sell through an online marketplace, or you could sell graphic design tutorials in the form of ecourses or membership subscriptions.

5. Writing

Do you have a knack for writing content that instantly grabs your readers’ attention? If so, freelance writing could be the perfect hobby-turned-side-hustle for you. Freelance writers can be hired to create work for blogs, websites, magazines, and more. You could even get paid to write website copy and product descriptions for an online business. 

As a writer, you may be hired to write guest posts. This can be an effective way to build your clientele since your employer’s existing audience will be introduced to you and your writing. Writers can also be hired to write under someone else’s name. While this won’t necessarily help bring fresh eyes to your business, it can be a good way to earn extra money.

6. Starting a YouTube channel

If you love making videos, why not start your own YouTube channel? There are several ways to make money on YouTube, with the main one being the YouTube Partner Program. You can earn money through ad clicks, channel memberships, and selling branded merchandise.

Depending on your niche, it may benefit you to join an affiliate program. If you’re interested in makeup and beauty products, you can partner with companies and record makeup tutorials where you mention specific products or create branded content. You could also create your own makeup line that you promote and sell through your YouTube videos.

7. Creating and editing videos

If you’re more interested in working behind-the-scenes than being on camera, you can get paid to create and edit videos. First, decide what type of videos you’re interested in making, or if you prefer to stick to just editing. Next, make a demo reel for your online portfolio. Any time you apply for an online job posting, share a link to your portfolio where your potential client can see the work you’ve done and judge if you’ll be a good fit. Lots of businesses need video content for their social media accounts or marketing purposes, but you could also choose to work for individuals. For example, you could become a wedding videographer, or you could work with real estate agents to create a video walkthrough of houses on the market.

8. Carpentry

Carpentry is a great side business for people who love to work with their hands. You’ll probably need to make an upfront investment for the equipment and tools required.

There are many types of projects that carpenters can work on, so it’s important to figure out exactly what you’re interested in and focus on becoming an expert in that. The commitment to your niche is what differentiates a fun hobby from a money-making hobby. 

As a carpenter, you can choose to take on custom work for clients who want specific items built just for them. Alternatively, you could create the projects you want to make and then set up your own online store or sell them through a craft marketplace like Etsy.

9. Creating a podcast

Podcasts are a relatively simple way to start creating content that can reach listeners across the world. It’s similar to creating a blog or YouTube channel.

Choose a topic that you know people are interested in. Many podcasts run paid ads or use affiliate marketing to monetize their work, or you can use your podcast to promote your own products or services. You could also set up a membership that gives your paid subscribers access to additional exclusive content that isn’t available to the public.

10. Cooking

Whether you’re a professional chef looking to start a side hustle or a home cook who makes delicious meals, you could start your own cooking business. With more than 50 per cent of Millennials using their smartphones to look up recipes and meal ideas, there’s a viable market for online recipes.

Another option is to create food on a made-to-order basis, or make prepackaged frozen meals that people can heat up for themselves. You could also offer your cooking services preparing food for clients. For a more passive income stream, you could record cooking classes and make them available to purchase online as digital products.

11. Coffee

Not sure if a coffee business could be a profitable hobby? Canadians’ coffee consumption continues to grow, suggesting that consumers are spending more on their coffee. For a product-based business, you could roast and sell your own coffee beans, or create coffee-related products like mugs, coffee machines, or specialty syrups. 

For coffee lovers who are more interested in drinking coffee than making it, you could create a blog, YouTube channel, or podcast where you review different coffee beans, equipment, or products. Affiliate links can be an effective way to make money, plus you may be able to partner with coffee companies to create sponsored content.

12. Brewing beer

Are you interested in selling your own home brewed beer? Make sure that before you get started, you check all the local requirements to ensure you’re following the necessary guidelines to sell your beer legally in your province or territory. 

If selling beer isn’t your thing, you could also make a business out of creating video tutorials teaching people how to get set up for home brewing. On the other hand, if creating new beer brewing machines is more up your alley, you’re in luck: in 2018, the global home brew machine market was valued at $12 million, meaning there’s definitely a viable market for your new business.

13. Sports

While most sports lovers don’t become professional athletes, there’s plenty of opportunity to make money working in the sports industry. If you’re looking for a more physically active side hustle, consider coaching a local sports team or working as a referee. 

People love reading about sports, so you could create a blog, podcast, or YouTube channel where you talk about the latest news, your opinions, and bring on guests to interview. You could also write freelance articles about sports for a newspaper or other publications.

14. Auto mechanics

Whether you work in the auto mechanic industry or you just enjoy spending time fixing up your own car, you could use the skills you’ve learned to start a business offering auto repairs. Many car owners don’t want to have to pay dealership prices every time their car needs a tuneup, so you could service cars from your garage at a lower cost. If you want to turn auto mechanics into a full-time career, you can look into opening your own professional garage where you’ll be able to take on more clients and hire employees as your business grows.

15. Health and fitness

If you’re passionate about health and fitness, there are tons of options for turning your hobby into a service or product-based business. In terms of services, you could work as a personal trainer helping people get in shape in person or online. For a product-based business, you can create online tutorial videos, educational content, and related products to sell online. You could also share affiliate links or do paid partnerships with brands in the health and fitness industry.

16. Teaching and tutoring music

There are always people who are looking to learn to play a new instrument, so if your favourite hobby is making music, why not share that passion with the next generation of musicians by offering music lessons? Decide whether you want to offer lessons online or in person or create pre-recorded content that anyone can purchase.

17. Becoming a session musician

It’s no secret that making a living as a professional musician can be challenging, but did you know that there are tons of ways to work in the music industry without having to write or produce your own music? As a session musician, you’ll be hired to play with existing bands during their live performances or recording sessions. You could even get the opportunity to join them on tour! 

18. Crafts

If you have a creative hobby, like making your own jewellery, designing and sewing clothing, or DIY projects, you could start your own business selling your crafts on your website or an online marketplace. Many people choose to sell on Etsy, which has a built-in market of customers. The downside with Etsy is the fees they charge to sell through their platform, whereas making your own website will probably cost more upfront, but will give you more control over your business.

19. Coaching

While live one-on-one programs are probably the most common form of coaching, you can also create a membership program where customers can access pre-recorded content. Start by identifying the result that you want to help your client achieve, then work backwards. An effective coaching program should help your customers develop the skills and techniques they need to deal with whatever problem it is that you’re helping them address.

20. Public speaking

Whether you love making speeches in-person or you’re more interested in voice acting, there are opportunities for you to use your voice to make money. You could be hired to speak about a specific topic at live events, seminars, or conferences. You could also provide voice overs for sales or training videos, or act as a spokesperson. Start by looking for opportunities online, since this type of job is often possible to do remotely.

21. Pets

Do you love spending time with animals, but can’t adopt one of your own right now? Pet sitting, dog walking, and boarding animals is a great way to make money by hanging out with other people’s pets. Lots of pet owners need someone to walk their dog or feed their cat while they’re away. Decide whether you want to start your own pet care company or find work through a third-party app like Rover, which connects you with pet owners for a percentage of your fee.

22. Baking

If you have a knack for baking and decorating delicious desserts, there are plenty of ways to turn your hobby into a profitable business. You can bake custom orders like birthday and wedding cakes, or you could sell your products online, at a farmers’ market, or through local stores. Another option is to share your recipes online, in the form of a blog or video tutorials, and monetize your blog.

23. Antiques

Do you have a collection of vintage or antique items that are gathering dust? Why not turn your passion for collecting into a profitable business?

Look for good deals at the flea market and do your research to find out how much money you can make reselling what you find. It’s important to determine the resale value in order to decide whether the initial cost is low enough that you’ll be able to sell your antiques for a profit. Popular vintage products include things like records, comics, coins, furniture, stamps, memorabilia, and figurines.

24. Gardening

If you love to work with your hands, starting your own landscaping business could be the perfect money-making hobby. Whether you prefer to take on simple jobs like mowing the lawn, trimming hedges, or shovelling snow, or you’re more interested in offering full landscape design services, there’s a market for your skills. Post flyers around your neighbourhood and on local Facebook groups to let people know that you’re available. Another option for making money with gardening is to grow and sell your own produce.

25. Painting

You can turn your painting hobby into a profitable business in a number of ways. If you like painting custom portraits, set up a website with a portfolio and past customer reviews where you can sell commissions. 

If you prefer to sell work that you’ve already made, you can sell your physical products online, repurpose your original paintings to sell as prints, and submit existing work to paid publications for use as book covers, or license your art designs. You could also upload your artwork onto stock graphic websites, where you can make a small amount of money every time someone downloads your image. 

For a service-based painting business, you can teach painting classes, create a membership program, or sell educational resources.

26. Stand up comedy

It’s not easy to become a full-time comedian, but if you have a knack for telling jokes, there are definitely some effective ways to make money while enjoying your favourite hobby. When you’re first getting started, you may have to start by practicing your set at free open mic nights. Once you make some connections in the industry, you may be able to get paid to do standup at events. Some other ways to make use of your talent are to emcee events, make YouTube comedy videos, or try your hand at writing jokes or scripts for comedians or TV shows.

27.Making T-shirts

While it helps to be a graphic designer, photographer, or artist in order to design T-shirts, it’s actually not even necessary to create your own designs from scratch. If you want to start your own T-shirt printing business, many stock photo or graphic websites offer images that are free for commercial use. Just make sure that you have a thorough understanding of the legalities before you start selling your shirts.

There are basically two options when it comes to creating your products: buying stock in advance or using a print on demand service. If you buy your inventory up front, you’ll need to pay the initial cost, find room to store your products, and you run the risk of losing money if your T-shirts don’t sell as well as you had hoped. With print on demand, you make only a small percentage of each sale, but it’s completely passive income.

28. Woodworking

There are lots of different ways to turn your woodworking hobby into a business. Do you love taking old, damaged furniture and restoring it or transforming it into something new? You could source furniture from flea markets, yard sales, and online marketplaces for a low cost, then refinish them and sell them for a profit. Another option is to build custom furniture or other wood products on a made-to-order basis. You could also provide repairs for existing furniture, create your own products, or teach woodworking classes.

29. Restoring classic cars

Are you passionate about taking vintage cars and restoring them to their former glory? Maybe you work a day job as a car mechanic, but you love spending your spare time fixing up classic cars. If that’s the case, you can make real money by sourcing old cars at a low cost and restoring them. 

Vintage cars can be expensive, so you may need to get creative when it comes to finding classic cars that you can work on in order to make a profit. Keep in mind that this hobby will likely take a lot of time and technical knowledge in order to get the car working again, so you need to make sure that the time, money, and effort you’re putting in will pay off in the long run.

30. Fishing

If you’re great at fishing, there are a few different ways to monetize your hobby. You can sell your catches at farmers’ markets or to local restaurants and stores. You could also enter fishing competitions that offer cash prizes. 

Another option is to create fishing products like lures, hooks, or bait that you can sell in person or online. If you know all the best locations for fishing, you could offer tours and fishing lessons where you take customers out on the water and walk them through the entire fishing process.

31. Playing poker

Playing cards for money can be risky, but there’s also an opportunity to make a lot of money. If you prefer to play online, do your research to ensure that the website you choose to sign up for is legitimate before you start playing or enter your credit card information. You’ll be able to join cash games or participate in poker tournaments.

You can also find poker games in person at a casino. The benefit to playing in person is that you will be able to see your opponent’s facial expressions, which can come in handy if you’re good at reading people. 

32. Making chocolate

Pretty much everyone loves chocolate. You can sell your homemade chocolate products on your website or in local shops, or you could even make custom chocolate orders for your clients. Another business idea is to teach people how to make chocolate by providing lessons online or in person, or by sharing your recipes as videos or a blog. 

Another product idea is to curate gift boxes with a selection of chocolate products that people can buy for themselves or as a gift. You could also sell DIY chocolate making kits that come with all the ingredients, tools, and instructions to make your own chocolate at home.

33. Decorating homes

Do you love looking at home decor inspiration on Pinterest and translating the aesthetic into a physical space? You could offer your services to help design or decorate clients’ homes or offices. You could even end up designing entire restaurants, office buildings, or hotels. 

Start by recording the process as you make over a room in your own home. Depending on the type of business you want to run, this can mean taking photos, videos, or even podcasting about your process. Share that documentation on your website so that potential clients can see what you do, and don’t forget to let them know how they can hire you.

Now that you have a ton of amazing, unique ideas for hobbies that make money, you’re ready to choose one that speaks to you and get started!

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