How to Register a Trademark for Your Business

Jul 17, 2019
6 minute read

In this guide, we explain what trademarks are, how they compare to business names, and the scenarios where you need to trademark.

Your brand is your trademark

Businesses looking to find their footing amid competitors and big names work hard to make a lasting impression on their target audience. Apart from perfecting their product or service, businesses develop a signature brand, using colours, slogans, names, and other unique identifiers to differentiate them from others in the marketplace.

A brand image is a competitive advantage. Businesses leverage their branding to earn new business, deepen customer loyalty, raise money, attract talent, and bargain deals, among others. 

Over time, a company’s brand stands not only for its products and services, but also for its reputation. That’s why it’s critical that businesses protect their brand, and any and all marks that separate their products and services from others. The best way to secure a brand is to trademark it

What is a trademark?

When you register a trademark, you are legally ensuring that you have exclusive rights to the use of the thing you are trademarking. In other words, only you are allowed to use the word, phrase, design or business name that you trademark.

Almost anything that identifies your business from others can be t