Ownr’s Got a Brand New Look—and Even More Features to Help Entrepreneurs Succeed

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In September 2020, we shared with you that Ownr acquired Founded, Canada’s leading all-in-one legal platform. Founded provided businesses with the ability to automate sophisticated legal tasks like incorporations, equity management, and legal agreements while saving thousands of dollars in legal fees.    

Today we’re so excited to share that Founded and Ownr will continue serving Canadian entrepreneurs through a single platform at Ownr.co. By bringing the best business formation and legal tools together, we’re even better suited to serve Canada’s entrepreneurial community by creating the products, services, and resources that help small businesses succeed.

We’re debuting a brand new logo and website alongside the change, and we hope you like them as much as we do!

What this means for Founded customers

From now on your Founded account will be available through Ownr. You’ll have access to more features and exclusive perks, and your account status will not change.

To log in to your account, simply go to Ownr.co and use your existing username and password.

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What this means for Ownr customers

Your Ownr account now has more features than ever to help you grow your business. Now you can use Ownr to do so much more than just incorporate or register your business: exercise full control over your company’s shares, generate important documents like Website Terms of Use, create Employment Agreements, and more. You can learn more about changes to your account here.   

Wherever you are in your entrepreneurial journey, Ownr is here to help you along the way.

Ready to start your business? Ownr has helped over 100,000 entrepreneurs hit the ground running quickly—and affordably. If you have questions about how to register or incorporate your business, email us at [email protected].

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