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How eBay and Ownr are Supporting Small Businesses

It’s an interesting time to be operating an online store, to say the least. And with interesting times comes interesting measures that must be taken not only by business owners but also by shoppers as well. 

In a world where ecommerce is king, eBay has continued to be powered by small and medium business owners who take advantage of the auction giant’s easy-to-use storefronts and merchant perks. In this article, we’ll look at a selection of ecommerce businesses that are finding success in today’s difficult climate. We’ll also share some insider tips and tricks to help you find the right audience for your online business. 

7 standout small businesses

These awesome small businesses go above and beyond. Here are some of our favourite success stories, both from eBay and from further afield. 

1. eBay shop: is an eBay shop dedicated to selling refurbished electronics that offer high performance and a high degree of dependability. With a 100 per cent satisfaction rating, the shop focuses on offering reliable electronics with the budget-conscious student, family, and small business in mind. This growing niche market most likely plays a large part in the shop’s success. 

2. eBay shop: Newxon

Newxon is a Canadian-owned eBay shop that offers hobby and games memorabilia from popular titles such as Dungeons and Dragons, Lord of the Rings, and Warhammer 40k. The shop also offers model kits and certain board games. Although this is a competitive type of shop, Newxon finds success by offering items at a competitive price range and offering free shipping when possible. 

3. eBay shop: bouran1995

eBay shop bouran1995 sells custom-made jewellery made by Toronto-based Lamia El-Khouri , who found inspiration from studying ancient cultures while pursuing a master’s degree. What began as just a hobby has grown to be a popular eBay shop featuring reasonable prices and ornate jewellery design. 

4. Ownr success story: Dezza Coffee

Dezza Coffee is an online ecommerce business that sells authentic Indonesian coffee. It is also notable for its unique single-serve pour-over coffee filters that make it possible to enjoy a high-end cup of coffee without fancy equipment. This means that great-tasting coffee can even be enjoyed on rustic camping trips, which was previously only the territory of instant coffee!

Dezza Coffee is available for purchase through a beautiful online store that offers three distinct signature blends and two-day shipping in select areas.  Business owner Aldo credits Ownr with the ease of registering his business, which has since gone on to secure contracts with luxury hotel chains and coffee shops in Indonesia. 

5. Ownr success story: Mesmerize Spices

Mesmerize Spices is another small business that found success through registering through Ownr. They sell a selection of spices and seasonings that are all curated by an experienced chef. Based out of Calgary, Alberta, the company was started by four friends with a passion for food and a desire to bring their spices to the Canadian market through ecommerce. 

Through their website, Mesmerize Spices offers free delivery within the Calgary area and shipping to everywhere else across North America. 

6. Ownr success story: Smoothie Sidekick

Smoothie Sidekick, as its name would suggest, is a nutritional boost for homemade smoothies. Each serving comes in a convenient single-serve package catered towards specific health goals, such as increasing fibre or protein. 

Since launching with Ownr in 2020, Smoothie Sidekick has found success through its online shop that offers promotional shipping prices across Canada. The Smoothie Sidekick online store makes it possible for customers to buy the nutritional boost of their choice in packs of five, though it is also possible to buy a variety pack that features all three types of boosts. 

7. Ownr success story: Blush Grove

Toronto-based Blush Grove is a home decor shop with a particular focus on small-batch and calligraphy-inspired goods. After a few years of creating custom pieces and selling them at local markets, Blush Grove owner knew that it was time to take the first step to become an official business, and registered with Ownr. 

Although Blush Grove is not just an ecommerce brand (it also operates through pop-up stores), its online website is the easiest way for customers to buy its range of merchandise, which includes mugs, candles, and other unique touches for the home. 

Accelerate your business with eBay and Ownr

The fact that many eBay businesses have been able to find success this year is no coincidence—it’s partly thanks to the measures that eBay has put in place to help support their small businesses such as up to $100 million of support funding and other forms of relief like deferred payments and protections for sellers.

By registering your business with Ownr, you can access even more eBay perks. In fact, any small business that registers with Ownr is eligible for a free eBay store for 90 days, including 350 listings per month. 

It’s tough out there, but it doesn’t have to be. Work with Ownr to make your business dreams a reality today!

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