What is a Niche Market? 7 Niche Market Examples

May 21, 2020
7 minute read

Pretty much anyone can create their own online business or side hustle in a matter of minutes. This has opened up endless possibilities for entrepreneurs in many different fields, but it also means that the marketplace is flooded with competition. That’s what makes niche marketing strategies so important.

Before you go full-steam-ahead with your business launch, you need to choose a niche market to work within. You probably already have an idea of what type of product or services you want to offer, but you need to get very clear on who your target audience is and what you offer them.

Sure, what you have to offer could theoretically help everyone out there. But businesses that try to appeal to all customers end up connecting with none of them—they get lost in the shuffle among bigger, more established businesses and those who serve a specific niche market.

If you want what you’re selling to stand out, you first need to find a gap that’s not being served. When you establish your identity within an industry or market, you can use targeted niche marketing strategies to deliver your message directly to your ideal clients in a way that will appeal to them.