How to Start a Plant Business

Dec 3, 2021
6 minute read
Portrait of plant business owner using her telephone and laptop to take delivery service for her store.

Houseplants are on-trend, and if you’ve got a passion for potting and find joy in watching things grow, starting your own plant business might just be the ideal adventure for you.

You’ll need to have an entrepreneurial spirit, not be afraid of drumming up business for yourself, and be good at time management for this. And while you don’t need any formal training, you’ll want to get familiar with the different types of plants you grow and sell so you can keep them in tip-top shape.

If you’re an entrepreneur who thinks they’ve got what it takes to make it in the plant game, here’s what you need to know about how to start a plant business.

What is a plant care business?

A plant care business describes pretty much anything that has to do with growing, selling, or maintaining plants that are indoors; outdoor plants primarily fall under the general landscaping industry. Essentially, a plant company either grows and sells, designs, or maintains live plants.

Realities of running a plant care business

Plant care is a nifty business idea, especially since millennials seem to be obsessed with houseplants. But there are a few benefits and drawbacks you should consider before you get started.  

Benefits of an indoor plant care business 

There are a lot of fast-