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Pixel Paper Hearts: How to Run a Business with Kids at Home

How do you run and grow your business with two kids at home? Mom-trepreneur Charisse de Leon shares her take for other parents who are looking to launch their business. Her biggest advice for others in the same boat? “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and celebrate every victory.”

Success Story: ASK Therapy for Moms, Virtual Therapy Business

A business dream that took over two decades to come true: Jennifer Summerfeldt launched ASK Therapy to support new mothers with their mental health. Her advice? Keep going even when things are very difficult.

Success Story: Mother Daughter Empower, a Social Enterprise

This social enterprise is on a mission to empower the next generation of young girls, to be who they are and become anything they want to be. CEO & Founder Tara Filteau shares her journey, her keys to success, and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Success Story: Sarah Stockdale, a Growth Hacking Consultant

In this Ownr Success Story, we caught up with Sarah Stockdale, a Toronto-based entrepreneur, growth hacker, marketer and startup technology consultant in her trendy east-end office space. We learned about her growth consulting company, Valkerie, and what led her to become one of Ownr’s earliest adopters.

Success Story: Venatos, Gaming Accessory Business

Venatos was developed with the mission to create gaming gear that is unique, durable, and is based on gamer feedback. Check out this interview we did with Founder, Hasan Cheaib, and learn more about this up-and-coming gaming brand.