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Success Story: ASK Therapy for Moms, Virtual Therapy Business

A business dream that took over two decades to come true: Jennifer Summerfeldt launched ASK Therapy to support new mothers with their mental health. Her advice? Keep going even when things are very difficult.

Success Story: Mother Daughter Empower, a Social Enterprise

This social enterprise is on a mission to empower the next generation of young girls, to be who they are and become anything they want to be. CEO & Founder Tara Filteau shares her journey, her keys to success, and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Success Story: Sarah Stockdale, a Growth Hacking Consultant

In this Ownr Success Story, we caught up with Sarah Stockdale, a Toronto-based entrepreneur, growth hacker, marketer and startup technology consultant in her trendy east-end office space. We learned about her growth consulting company, Valkerie, and what led her to become one of Ownr’s earliest adopters.

Success Story: 36paths, career consulting business

36paths is helping students land great finance jobs in Canada faster by having experienced finance professionals coach them 1-on-1 throughout the entire job search journey. Check out this interview we did with 36paths Founder & CEO, Shawn Huang, and learn more about his entrepreneurial journey.

Ownr Success Story: Never Afraid, Starting a Streetwear Business

Streetwear brand Never Afraid is empowering its customers to live with #NoFear with designs that speak to their life experiences. We chat with the founder, Dami Mosaku-Johnson about the cultural influence of streetwear.

How Tara Tomulka Took a Leap of Faith With Rawcology

Rawcology’s mission is to create revolutionary organic and nutritious plant-powered foods that can be enjoyed by all individuals regardless of dietary restrictions.

Success Story: Son of a Woodcutter, a Woodworking Business

This week’s feature is on Jack Fouracre and his custom furniture shop, Son of a Woodcutter! This is his story: Tell us about your woodworking business  We build custom wood furniture from sustainably sourced Ontario Hardwoods. What made you decide to become a business owner?  I have lots of hobbies so the flexible schedule is….“Success Story: Son of a Woodcutter, a Woodworking Business”