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Success Story: Venatos, Gaming Accessory Business

Venatos was developed with the mission to create gaming gear that is unique, durable, and is based on gamer feedback. Check out this interview we did with Founder, Hasan Cheaib, and learn more about this up-and-coming gaming brand.

Ownr Success Story: Illustration Artist Lauren Pearson

Illustration artist Lauren Pearson registered her business, By Lauren P, using Ownr in 2019. Here she chats about how she created a business out of what she loves and how to operate from a place of power as an entrepreneur.

Ownr Success Story: Worn & Woven Vintage Rugs

Chantelle Bianchi loves to hunt vintage rugs from across the world for her Toronto-based business, Worn & Woven Vintage Rugs. A Marketing Manager by day, Chantelle talks about growing her side hustle into a full time business and the challenges of running an online shop.

Success Story: Gradient Movement, a Fitness Business

Ownr speaks to Justin Tamane, the Co-Founder of Gradient Movement about creating a global fitness community and the slow grind of entrepreneurship.

This Entrepreneur Started His Masonry Business With Ownr

Stephen Mason went out on his own after six years in the construction industry, and incorporated his business, Toronto Masonry Restoration, with Ownr. Here he talks about his tricks of the trade and how he manages his business from the job site.