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Success Story: Sarah Stockdale, a Growth Hacking Consultant

In this Ownr Success Story, we caught up with Sarah Stockdale, a Toronto-based entrepreneur, growth hacker, marketer and startup technology consultant in her trendy east-end office space. We learned about her growth consulting company, Valkerie, and what led her to become one of Ownr’s earliest adopters.

Jan 15, 2021

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Why I Incorporated My Podcast

If you're a podcaster, you’re operating a content brand that is potentially earning, or going to earn, revenue. You’re a real business and you should set yourself up as one. The first step in treating your podcast as a legitimate company is by getting it incorporated.

Jan 15, 2021

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Success Story: 36paths, career consulting business

36paths is helping students land great finance jobs in Canada faster by having experienced finance professionals coach them 1-on-1 throughout the entire job search journey. Check out this interview we did with 36paths Founder & CEO, Shawn Huang, and learn more about his entrepreneurial journey.

Aug 12, 2020

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Success Story: Trooper Moves the Moving Service

Meet Imad Ansari, Founder of Trooper Moves - the online booking platform that makes your moving process simple and seamless. Check out this interview to learn more about Imad's journey as an entrepreneur, and how Trooper Moves is revolutionizing the moving experience to bring peace of mind and confidence to both clients and movers.

Jul 28, 2020

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Ownr Success Story: Cuzco & Hagen, A Bow Tie Business for Dogs

Cuzco & Hagen, a Toronto-based business, specializes in dog bow ties with the concept of creating a more suave line of accessories for dogs. In this interview with Ownr, founders Terence and Magda speak about their inspiration and reflect on their growth both in their business and as entrepreneurs.

Sep 20, 2019