What is a Value Proposition and Why Does Your Business Need One?

7 minute read
A woman delivers her companies value proposition in a meeting with two businessmen

You know that your company is awesome.

You’re positive that your products and services are shades better than your competitors. And you know the brand you’ve slaved over has a meaningful and relatable story. You know those things, but everyone else might not.

When your target audience comes across your brand for the first time, they likely know nothing about it. This is why you need a strong value proposition to help sway them. A powerful value proposition relays to your ideal customer the unique benefits of your company in a short and sweet manner.

It helps tell people what you provide, who you provide it to, and why you’re better than the competition. Your core value proposition should be part of your business plan. But before you can include it, you need to take time to write one.