The Complete Guide to Writing a Business Plan

Sep 9, 2020
7 minute read

As an entrepreneur, you might be convinced that your idea is sure to succeed. You’ve spotted a perfect business opportunity and have the skills and knowledge required to meet a need in the market. In reality, no matter how knowledgeable, skilled, and prepared you are, a business plan is a powerful tool that can increase your chance of success

A business plan can help you clarify your goals for the future, your understanding of your market, and your pitch to potential investors. Learning how to write a business plan is far less daunting than it might seem at first if you take things one section at a time. No matter what your business goals are, a business plan is well worth taking the time to write.

What is a business plan, exactly?

A business plan is a widely recognized business document that provides key information about a business, its founders and key team members, its target market, how it will operate and be structured, and how it will generate a profit.

Since this is such a commonly used document, there are very clear expectations about what information should be included. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel by coming up with a structure for your business plan; you can go through the sections below and make sure you provide the relevant information to the best of your knowledge for each of them.

Why should I create a business plan?

A business plan could have many different potential audiences. As the foundation for a new business, it will help you set, measure and adjust your goals. It’s also instrumental in securing business funding and partnerships.

Better understand your business

The first reason to create a business plan is for you to understand the feasibility of your business idea. 

It requires you to think carefully and realistically about your business viability. This is a valuable exercise since it gives you a chance to address potential challenges before they become a problem. 

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